• Meso Creso 1,001 Beats presents: A Late Summer Jam

    Our Late Summer Jam edition of 1001 Beats is proud to celebrate music from all over the world, with a special journey through the Caribbean, courtesy of DC's legendary roots reggae artist King Selassie I Sound.

    This one is going to tickle a whole different part of your dancing apparatus, with lush reggae and tropical vibes, and featuring out newly expanded sound system!

    King Selassie I Sound

    + Meso Creso Residents:

    v:shal kanwar



    + drinks specials all night

    all this and more for a $5 cover

    Meso Creso is a Washington DC based-but-borderless arts collective that promotes creativity without boundaries, social consciousness, staying up, and getting down. Meso Creso is known for its roving hookah lounge, highly crafted art installations, joyful whistles and hand claps, and a DJ lineup that represents the rich cultural mix of its community.

    Meso Creso seeks to be a safe space for all sexualities and genders. We love consent-based activities, believe that altered states are no excuse for bad behavior, and have a zero tolerance policy for those who think or act otherwise

  • SPRING FORWARD: A Celebration of Resilience

    May 20, 2017 | 2-9pm
    Malcolm X Park, Washington, DC

    Join Meso Creso, in partnership with local immigrant, refugee, and human rights organizations, for a daytime celebration of the sounds, sights, and resilience of our local and global communities.

    Meso Creso — a DC-based, cross-cultural arts collective — is known for bringing a unique blend of global beats, treats, and arts to create engaging, immersive experiences. On May 20, we are very excited to partner with amazing organizations that serve our immigrant and refugee communities to host our annual spring event — outside, under the sun, and with you!

    Yet, this spring feels different. Our communities are facing an incredible struggle. While we have always overcome the challenges we’ve faced, the political forces in our own city — mere miles from our homes — are aligning against our communities, families, and friends like never before. In times like these, we connect, create music, build art, share skills, educate our peers, take action, and — of course — we dance. 

    With this event, we'd like to provide an intentional (family-friendly, no-cost) space for that connection, growth, and action. So we invite you to participate in Spring Forward, a daytime celebration and showcase of music, art, and the resilience and perseverance of our communities. 

    DC-based immigrant & refugee rights organizations will be out in full force to share their stories, their work, and provide ways for DC residents to get involved in protecting the rights and lives of our families. Meso Creso will also provide the global music and art you've come to expect from us. Together we’ll create a dialogue with all-day programming, including workshops, skill-sharing, teach-ins, storytelling, and of course, the beauty of global music and arts. 

    Community Partners

    Help these organizations help our communities!
    Donate today!


    2:00 - 3:00pm 

    Community Yoga
    Zhenya, Yoga Co-Op DC

    Defend our Rights & Emergency Packet Planning
    Adina Appelbaum, CAIR Coalition
    @ East Fountain (red balloons)
    Take some time to learn the rights of immigrants in this country, what you can do to support yourself, your family and your friends in emergency situations.

    3:00 - 4:00pm 

    Asylum Backlog
    Alysha Tagert, Torture Abolition Survivor Support Coalition

    @ East Fountain (red balloons)
    What is asylum? Who is an asylum seeker? What you can do about the backlog in the broken immigration system!

    Design for your own Community!
    Ron Lapitan, Center for Health and Human Rights
    @ West Fountain (green balloons)
    An interactive and creative workshop that will explore making change in your community and how to take your ideas and turn them into action. Open to community members of all ages!

    4:00 - 5:00pm

    “I am not your Puppet!”

    Sasha Baskina
    @ West Fountain (green balloons)

    A family-friendly puppet-making workshop for children and those young at heart. Puppets are a creative way to explore performance and collaboration and have a long history of political storytelling.

    5:00 - 6:00 pm

    Whales Not Walls / Ballenas No Barreras
    Allison Guy and Valentina Stackl
    @ West Fountain (green balloons)
    Spring Forward celebrates human cultures, but did you know that whales have rich cultures too? In this hands-on, kid-friendly class, learn about what whale behavior can teach us about sharing, forgiveness and standing up for the little guy. 

    5:00 - 700pm

    Digital Self Defense: How to Reclaim Your Security and Privacy Online
    Shahid Buttar, Electronic Frontier Foundation
    @ East Fountain (red balloons)

    This timely and expansive workshop will cover the foundational concepts enabling digital security praxis, and walk participants through basic tools.

    6:00 - 7:00pm

    Self Portrait Art-Making Experience
    Myra Sinnott, Kate Relish, Natalya Podgorny, Juancy Rodríguez
    @ West Fountain (green balloons)
    Join us in painting colorful and expressive self-portraits, capturing our own individuality. We’ve got the supplies, you just bring yourself and a desire to take your own art home! Artists of all ages and levels welcome.

    Aquaponics Show & Tell
    Carlos Villamar, Ou812 Aquaponics
    @ Video Tower

    Learn all about aquaponics and Chinese solar greenhouse design!

    Featured Art

    • Unaccompanied: Youth Seeking Refuge, Photography Exhibit by Oliver Contreras
    • Live Painting by Marco Bellocchio
    • Video Tower by Paris Bustillos
    • DJ Booth Truck, Art Installation by Meso Creso

    And of course, Mesopotamian Vibes will be featured all day

    Mesopotamian Vibes has become our signature daytime program, a place where we invite you into our home and host a melange of our cultural creativity. We invite you to take a load off, sit at our hand-made tables, and breathe in the mesopotamian vibes under the sun. Come join us for sweet treats, fresh and dried fruit, and savor our Turkish coffee and sage tea. Sit back, enjoy your surroundings, bring your creative skills, poetry and stories, and any musical talents you'd like to share. Let us host you under the afternoon sunshine at Mesopotamian Vibes with nourishment for your ears, heart, stomach and soul.

    Main Music Stage

    2:00 - 2:15

    Live Oud by Huda Asfour

    2:15 - 2:30

    Live Demo
    by Capoeira Barro Vermelho - Capoeira Fitness DC

    2:30 - 3:30

    DJ anandroid

    3:30 - 4:00

    Organizational Speakers
    including a performance by Clowns Without Borders

    4:00 - 4:30

    Live Music by Kino Musica

    4:30 - 5:30

    DJ BEATrix

    5:30 - 6:00

    Organizational Speakers

    6:00 - 7:00

    Live Music by Gaiteros de SanGuashington

    7:00 - 8:00

    DJ v:shal kanwar

    8:00 - 9:00

    DJ raha wala

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    Meso Creso seeks to be a safe space for all sexualities and genders. We love consent-based activities, believe that altered states are no excuse for bad behavior, and have a zero tolerance policy for those who think or act otherwise.

  • Join the Meso Creso flying caravan for 1001 beats: "Mesopotamian Bazaar"

    //A global beats inspired dance party with sounds from near and far\\

    Join the Meso Creso flying caravan for the next installment of...

    1001 beats - "Mesopotamian Bazaar"

    Where? Zeba Bar at 14th and Newton NW.

    Pack your bags and get ready to travel through unexplored musical and experiential territories! From Jo’burg to Delhi to Jakarta to Detroit... 

    Would you trade your necklace for a back rub? Or would you trade your $$ for the currency of the underworld? 

    Use your best bartering skills at the Mesopotamian Bazaar! Bring a trinket, a memory or a treat. Will you trade, purchase or give? Exchange your $ for £00T* and purchase a variety of Meso Creso treasures at the market stand! Or use your £00T to buy beautiful things and favors. 

    *What is £00T?
    £00T is an exchange currency for a network of free floating cities and outlaw corners of the internet, a "peso de ocho" for the distressed near future. Your children might trade it for a glass of potable water or a SIM card. Since you can speculate with both money and art, this makes £00T a perfect vehicle for speculation right now. Get £00Ting!

    Trade in your dirty nationalist money, issued by a Fed, ECB, your equivalent central bank or local tyrant, for a pile of £00T at any time, or vice versa. This makes £00T an ideal special investment vehicle for art speculators, money launderers or aspiring criminals, and a perfect tax-free savings haven for pensioners and the downtrodden. Get £00Ting now, and watch your wealth grow.

    Proceeds from the $ you exchange for £00T will be donated to So Others Might Eat (SOME) http://some.org/

    // Featuring special guests performances by: 

    ** Filastine & Nova ** (live performance) 

    Barcelona ­based audiovisual artist Filastine teams up with Javanese indy songstress Nova to deliver the grittiest transnational bass music. Low frequency pressure collides with top notch beat science. Prefix mag calls it “the prototype of globalized urban sound”, Pitchfork describes it as “awesome and delicate...hybrids so fluent they defy classification”. Their live performance features a heap of electronics, tightly synced visuals, drums and a shopping cart.

    Grey Filastine is the composer of a gritty electronic music that collides the lowest frequencies of bass music with the highest-level beat science, acoustic instruments and field recordings. His work often features Javanese indie rapper Nova and avant-garde cellist Brent Arnold. These two can frequently be seen onstage with Filastine at some of the nearly hundred gigs he performs in any year. Filastine also produces award-winning videos, designed a post-crash currency , and conducts public sound interventions. Before getting into digital arts he founded the prototype anarchist marching band the Infernal Noise Brigade. Filastine has lived in a dozen cities but is now firmly based in Barcelona.

    This year Filastine dropped Aphasia “a quartet of deftly collaged cuts melding throbbing bass synths and richocheting 808s with concrete sound and live instruments” (The Wire). 2014 also sees Filastine debut 4rray, a four-sceen audiovisual performance using bespoke software that allows the artist to trigger and manipulate video live in sync with music.

    Nova grew up singing pentecostal spirituals with her preacher grandfather, koranic recitations in the mosque, and javanese gamelan music in school. She was half of the Indonesian rap sensation Twin Sista, and has been collaborating with Filastine since 2010. When not on tour Nova can be found in Java giving workshops on art and environmental activism.


    ** Joro Boro **

    This Crypto Crunk Charlatan from the Balkans traffics local sounds from the post-world music scene and mangles them with half-forgotten samples, tons of low frequencies, and databent audio files. It is tomorrow's traditional music: digital native booty bass for the post-pop generation. He calls it etnoteck, glitch-folk or post-national bass - whatever the name, it is the dirty local side of globalization force-fed back into a party without borders detonating the conglomerated mono-culture.


    ** Meso Creso resident DJs **

    Anandroid http://soundcloud.com/an-android
    Beatrix http://www.soundcloud.com/djbeatrix
    Mettabbana http://www.soundcloud.com/mettabbana
    Raha Wala https://soundcloud.com/rahawala
    Synz djsynz.com
    v:shal kanwar  http://www.soundcloud.com/vishal-kanwar

    ++ lighting, décor & art installations
    Drink specials: $4 Yuengling, $5 Fireball, and $5 Absolut flavors

    Here is a link to the Facebook invite.
    Meso Creso seeks to be a safe space for all sexualities and genders. We love consent-based activities, believe that altered states are no excuse for bad behavior, and have a zero tolerance policy for those who think or act otherwise.

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  • Imbibe, Personify and Delight in the Meso Creso Bi-monthly Party: 7 Deadly Sins

    Imbibe, Personify and Delight in the Meso Creso Bi-monthly Party

    7 Deadly Sins

    An evening of visual and interactive surprises along with all-night drink specials creates an

    atmosphere of sinful yumminess ideal for Valentine’s Day naughtiness.

    The musical stylings of 5 Meso Creso DJs (5!) and Special Guest Vanniety Kills will keep our

    collective booties shaking while we plunge into the depths of debauchery as each sin comes to

    life throughout the night….

    Gluttony, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Greed, Sloth and Envy

    ZEBA 3423 14th St, NW, Washington, DC 20010

    February 14, 2015


    $5 Cover

    Music Provided by:

    Vanniety Kills (aka Cadence, The House That U Built & Ladies of the Underground)

    DJ Sequoia - https://soundcloud.com/sequoia

    DJ Synz - https://soundcloud.com/djsynz

    DJ V:shal Kanwar - https://soundcloud.com/vishal-kanwar

    Mettabbana - https://soundcloud.com/mettabbana

    Raha Wala - https://soundcloud.com/rahawala