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  • Meso Creso Halloween Presents: An Underwater Revelry

    This Halloween, join the Meso Creso caravan as we splash into a new adventure, deep underwater and far, far from the surface.

    Plunge yourself and explore beyond Atlantis, travel deeper than Lyonesse and Neapolis, and find yourself in our very own sunken city in the sea. Expect immersive art experiences and floating performances around every reef, lounges to lure you in, buried treasures to discover, and the global beats and treats you’ve come to love from Meso Creso.

    Marauding pirates lured in by mesmerizing merfolk. Sea witches and wizards casting spells, and creatures from the deep. An abandoned cruise ship. The vastness of the sea. And all of us, marooned, for one night. Together. 

    Join the caravan as we descend deeper than we’ve gone before, as we pass through drowned towns and abandoned cruise ships, and as we dream up the impossible just to get down in an Underwater Revelry.

    Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 10 PM – 7 AM pin A secret location in NE DC



    Baile Funk and Zuzuka Poderosa 

    Your queen of the sea Zuzuka Poderosa is back at it again with some Baile Funk in the primetime spot.

    From the streets of Brazil to the shores of the NYC, we're taking you on a journey of Baile Funk.

    A music genre born in the favelas of Rio, influenced by 808's, Freestyle, & Miami Bass in the 80's has created a wave of controversy and at the same time a lifestyle. Breaking through all its discrimination and making it to mainstream media, influencing & inspiring many famous musicians in Hip Hop, Club Music & Reggaeton today, blending genres that it's constantly moving forward.

    Listen and watch:

    Zuzuka Poderosa (Brazil/NYC):…/new-music-zuzuka-poderosa-n…/

    Saso (The Bronx):

    Dada Coz (The Bronx):

    Comrade DJ (XÃO Productions) (NY/New Jersey):

    Golden Kong (Brazil):

    Featuring guest DJs:



    Meso family DJs 



    Cirqusoria presents Muddy Waters

    In the wake of deluge we’ve experienced as a culture and country lately, Cirqusoria presents Muddy Waters. A new, womxn-centric act that explores the ancient power dynamic that’s now finally being called into question.

    For centuries, maybe since the very beginning, we’ve been trapped in stone. Sunken, merely existing at the mercy of currents. Muddy Waters is an expression of rising from those depths with beauty, courage, and strength. Come seek us where the sirens sing at Meso Creso’s Halloween. Showtime begins at the witching hour.


    We all have dreams. Sometimes seemingly impossible dreams, just out of reach, hanging brightly like the stars in the sky. We know their patterns and the way they take shape because we’ve studied them so long. We’ve mapped them. There is only one thing we need to be reminded of as we strive higher: to keep looking up. We want to defy gravity. There are times when we come very close.

    Cirqusoria was born in 2013. Our focus is to provide elegant, ethereal entertainment and environments for any event. We work with some of the finest talents in circus arts on the east coast to create unique, unforgettable acts that will transform any guest’s experience from mundane to magic.


    Who says fire and water don’t mix? Get ready for a steamy hot performance by members of Nomadico’s fire conclave, Ardiente 🔥


    Announcing soon!